“Having been an electrician for many years, I have chronically suffered from sore and strained muscles and carpal tunnel pain in my hands and wrists.  It seems like forever that I’ve been dependent upon over-the-counter drugs like Ibuprofen for temporary pain relief.   Recently I hurt my shoulder really badly.   I could not move it in any direction without stabbing pain.  I applied Essential Aid when I got home from work and then again about 4 hours later right before bed.   The next morning, the pain had dramatically decreased and my range of motion was much better.    By noon, the pain was COMPLETELY GONE, with no more applications.  Essential Aid had restored my complete range of motion and eliminated all pain with only two treatments in less than 18 hours.   Before Essential Aid, I would have come home and taken Ibuprofen.  I don’t have to depend on these products anymore.”


“Essential Aid is the one product that I will never again go without because it has limitless uses! I keep one bottle in my purse for effective hand-sanitizing and bug repellent while I’m out and about; one bottle in the kitchen for burns and cuts while I’m cooking; and one bottle in the medicine cabinet for anesthetizing and sanitizing minor injuries and stopping bruises in their tracks. Essential Aid is my favorite all-natural, safe and highly effective substitute for a dozen different products.”

Caroline J.

“Essential Aid is an essential product in our first aid kit! With three little girls, it’s our first ‘go to’ product when there is an ouchie. My girls ask for it specifically. It treats them mind and body! The calming lavender scent instantly relieves their anxiety about treating their scrape or burn, while the essential oils do their magic on the skin. It’s a mom’s secret all natural boo-boo healing weapon.”


“I’ve used your Essential Aid product for a couple of years now to treat cuts, burns and other minor injuries. My kids always ask for this whenever they get hurt, and it quickly cools the skin and provides instant pain relief. I also use Essential Aid in place of harsh alcohol based hand sanitizers, it has the same effect and the pleasant aroma lasts for hours.”

Wayne B.

“Essential Aid is our go to for just about everything. For our bumps, bruises, cuts, itches, burns and aches. We love it to prevent bug bites and use it as our hand sanitizer when we are out and about. Even the aroma is a healing property- it’s so calming! My kids call it the “magic spray”! And truly it is!”


“Essential Aid soothing feel and smell always calms my child’s ochies quickly! A must have in your house and purse!”


“Essential Aid is the bomb! I got what I now consider to be more than a minor burn but at the time it didn’t look too bad. The awesome thing was that I had instant pain relief as soon as I sprayed it with EA. I was able to attend my potluck and not even know the burn was there 3 hours later. When the pain came back, I sprayed more and it disappeared for many more hours. The only downfall is that I didn’t realize how bad the burn was since I didn’t have the pain associated with it.”