My Vital Best is a company with a strong belief in the power of the individual.

  • We believe in challenging the status quo, not blindly following dictates or the masses, and in blazing our own trails in pursuit of our dreams and our right to a healthy life on a vibrantly sustained planet.
  • We believe we are duty-bound to bring awareness of the power in the natural world; and in so doing, all of us will be supported and served with healthier bodies and a cleaner environment.
  • We believe you have the right to control your exposure to toxic chemicals, which can bombard you at every turn on a daily basis.
  • We want to put you in charge of just that by offering a beautifully synergized and ethically created solution, designed to simplify your life and give you peace of mind.

ESSENTIAL AID® is the revolutionary result of our wish for a healthier and happier you.