All-in-ONE Poly-Nutrient Solution

ESSENTIAL AID All-in-ONE  Poly-Nutrient Solution combines the MULTI-FUNCTIONAL aspects of each ESSENTIAL oil and plant compound to create a synergistically balanced blend, able to truly MULTI-TASK and address multiple conditions – safely and naturally.    It is said that a truly “FUNCTIONAL” system “reduces disease and INFECTION risks and promotes general health and well-being”.

ESSENTIAL AID All-in-ONE Poly-Nutrient Solution IS such a system.

ESSENTIAL AID All-in-ONE Poly-Nutrient Solution provides MAXIMUM PLANT-BASED PROTECTION for quick relief for many of the minor health issues faced by active people – moms, dads, kids, caregivers, athletes, home and professional chefs, campers, hikers, bikers, gardeners, golfers, weekend “warriors” – all of you who at one time or another have needed quick and SOOTHING PAIN RELIEF from minor injuries, protection from GERMS and BUGS and soothing AROMATHERAPY.*