LaPoint-8463-SMLHi, and welcome!  I’m Jan Goodwin LaPoint and the product on this website is the culmination of my life’s passion about natural remedies for health and wellbeing through an understanding of, and respect for, the plant kingdom in our world.

I have always been a proponent of natural health and healing, and many have heard me say, “I believe that God put EVERYTHING on this planet that we need to be healthy.”   As a proud mother of 4 and doting grandmother of 6, I walk my talk and enjoy a vibrant, naturally healthy life.

I have studied and worked for many years in health and fitness, both as a certified personal fitness trainer and a certified holistic health coach.   These avenues of pursuit and learning have instilled in me a belief that the responsibility for health lies with the individual, and that a lifestyle of actively protecting one’s health by natural means can be a way of preventing disease and enjoying great quality of life at any age.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love my children and grandchildren and would do anything for them.  Even though they range in age from 44 to 2, they are ALL still ‘my babies’.  All children actually, touch my heart, and healing their suffering was the genesis of my product ESSENTIAL AID®.    It began with a beautiful little girl burning her fingers on a hot stove.  Because I had learned in my curriculum at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition about essential oils, especially lavender, I knew immediately what to do.  I treated her injury and stopped her pain right away, and her tears.

I knew I had something and decided to pursue the formulation of a product for burns utilizing essential oils and other healing botanical substances.  As I educated myself further, I realized that these natural compounds have been in use for centuries for many kinds of health issues.   Not only were they healing for injuries, they contained many other compounds as well, which served many other purposes.   As I have worked with my formula for the past three and one-half years, I have discovered its true complexity and balance.

ESSENTIAL AID® is a lovely expression of Nature at Her very best, and I am grateful for the inspiration to create this product.

It is my offering to you.

Nature does nurture….beautifully!IIN_HealthCoach