At My Vital Best, we have a strong belief in your power as an individual.   You blaze your own trail in the pursuit of your dreams and desires for a healthy life on a vibrantly sustained planet.  Our products are created with a keen awareness of the power inherent in the natural world to enhance your health while also supporting a clean environment.

quotation-markJan came to me as client requesting help with tweaking an aura spray. The amount of angels that wanted to participate was crazy. We had a lot of fun perfecting her aura spray and, I must say, it is amazing!  As a thank you, Jan and I met for lunch and she gave me a sample of her Essential Vibe Aura spray and her Essential Aid spray.  I could tell right away how well the Essential Vibe spray worked and knew I would use it in my practice. The following weekend, my husband went mountain biking and came home with road rash covering both his forearms.  I decided to try the Essential Aid spray on his wounds. To say we were amazed is an understatement. He healed so much faster than he has before (he gets road rash often) and with no scarring. I have since used it in countless ways and even put one in my travel bag so I always have a bottle on hand!  I loved them so much that I asked Jan if I could offer her products on my site. They are too good not to be shared and I for one will be a life-long customer.  My body and vibration respond so well to them.” – Jenny Schiltz